Our team of expert recruiters are able and ready to serve you and find the perfect match for your unique recruitment needs. We specialise in the Automotive, Financial Services, Engineering and Retail segments, yet we have many happy clients from all over the private and public sectors.


We have a large talent bank containing quality, pre-screened, and suitably qualified temporary staff, for relief or temporary placements. Whether you need a Chartered Accountant to stand in for a resource on maternity leave, need a receptionist for a week, or need a laboratory technician for a month, we can help you find the right resource to ensure that a staffing issue on your side, does not create a business interruption.

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Our extensive database means that our clients can access high quality, pre-screened personnel.

We also advertise the role using various print and electronic platforms, managing the responses on your behalf.

Once we identify suitable candidates, we manage the reference, criminal record and credit checking process, providing supporting documentation as required.


In alignment with the SONA2020 objectives, the Contract Assignments or Internship Programme was designed to seed recently tertiary qualified graduates and candidates with the high-performance potential to enter the labour market and get much-needed work experience and if possible, mentoring, to become employable.


We bulk process applications and filter out desirable Interns through a robust screening methodology, including psychometric testing, to provide you with an Intern that is trained, willing, teachable, and accountable.

We provide the basis for a sustainable succession planning and talent pipeline whilst removing the HR risk and burden.


Our Internship program, unlike the industry standard, runs over a 3-month period. At the end of the Internship period, the Intern can be employed permanently (75% success rate), the Internship contract can be extended for one more month, or the Internship agreement comes to an end.


This Internship Programme is without HR Risk, as the Intern stays on our payroll, and we take care of the stipend, UIF, and other labour issues. It proved to be hugely popular as we placed thousands of Interns over the last few years with an exceptional employment success rate.


We tailor-make this program to suit your specific requirements. Having an online training capability, we can have interns, without any industry-specific knowledge, screened, trained, and deployment-ready without them stepping foot on your premises.


We make it our business to find and source the best talent out there, be it Local or International. Our team of professional Talent Acquisition Managers will ensure that we understand the specific and tailored requirements of the position and then leave no stone unturned to find and recruit such a particular candidate.

We deliver a bespoke, superior, service for premium customers seeking scares talent with a unique skill set.