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As the world’s leading premium car brand, BMW is renowned for leading the way with its innovative designs and its customer loyalty.  


As the world’s leading premium car brand, BMW is known worldwide for its outstanding product range and ground breaking technology. As a BMW Apprentice you will be at the forefront of the automotive industry, working on some of the most innovative products available on the market and using the latest in diagnostic technology in a state of the art environment.

Reporting to the Service Manager / Workshop Foreman, you will be responsible for providing support to technicians in the preparation, servicing and repairs of all vehicles. This, whilst obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills through the BMW SA apprentice learnership programme to become a qualified BMW Group technician


Minimum Job Requirements:

Senior Certificate (Grade 12 or equivalent), with Maths and Science (minimum of 50% pass rate).

Advantageous Requirements:

Tertiary technical qualification

Computer literate (Office suite)

Drivers licence

Motor dealership industry (technical experience)

Key Working Relationships:

Internally: Technicians, Workshop foreman, Parts sales executive, Workshop mentor

Externally: None

Attend BMW SA apprentice 1st level training course


  • Ensure timeous arrival for training course

  • Attend training induction

  • Ensure preparation for the following modules have been done:

        - Introduction to the workshop

        - Safety and first aid knowledge

        - Identify lubricants, metals and other materials

        - Care and use of tools applicable  to the trade

        - Identify motor vehicle components

        - Understand the fundamentals  of lubrication

        - Identify locking devices

        - Apply basic hand skills

        - Understand basic electricity

        - Identify, fit gaskets and seals

        - Usage of  lifting equipment

        - Service of motor vehicles

  • Attend 6 month dealership workshop practical

  • Engage in after-training briefing with workshop mentor

  • Apply for 1st level testing


Responsible for visual (exterior) vehicle inspection within workshop


  • Ensure following components are in working condition:

  1. All doors

  2. All hinges

  3. Operation of side windows

  4. Window regulators

  5. Bonnet hinges/operation

  6. Mirror operation

  7. Tyre thread

  8. Tyre side wall

  9. Rim

  • Ensure correct tyre pressure of used wheels

  • Ensure correct tyre pressure of spare wheel (if applicable)

  • Ensure no valve caps are missing

  • Identify possible uneven tyre wear

  • Wheel arch covers not missing / loose

  • Ensure no callipers are missing / loose

  • Ensure correct brake pad thickness

  • Ensure correct disc thickness

  • Ensure working condition of shock tower and spring

  • Ensure brake pipes are well routed and not leaking

  • Ensure sensor wiring are well routed and connected

  • Ensure ball joint rubbers not leaking / damaged

  • Ensure control arm bushes not worn out

  • Ensure steering rack rubbers not leaking / damaged


Responsible for visual (interior) vehicle inspection in workshop

  • Ensure no missing / loose trimmings 

  • Ensure working condition of all seat belts (i.e. retract on their own, not twisted etc.)

  • Ensure working condition of hooter

  • Ensure working condition of all lights (adjust / set if necessary)

  • Ensure correct wiper operation on all speeds

  • Ensure blades are not perished

  • Ensure working condition of wiper washer

  • Ensure brake pads and brake discs are changed (if necessary)

  • Ensure no under body leaks for:

        a.  Engine

        b.  Gearbox

        c.  Differential

        d.  Fuel Tank

  • Ensure exhaust system is without any leaks OR loose hangers / bolts / rubber

  • Enssure the correct fluid levels / no leaks 

  • Ensure brake pad pedal is in working condition

  • Ensure engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter and micro filter  are changed

  • Remove and replace sparkplugs, points and condenser

  • Ensure necessary adjustment of ignition timing


Ensure proper administration of workshop documents and parts are collected


  • Ensure all work done on vehicle required is accurately documented

  • Ensure additional work on vehicle is reported to Qualified technician

  • Ensure all parts are tagged and drained of oil send back to BMW SA (if Motor plan)

  • Collect parts needed in workshop from part sales executives

  • Ensure all parts are listed on job card

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