Total Recruitment Solutions


SydSen Recruit is a trusted brand that has been part of the national recruitment landscape in South Africa since 2008. Our corporate culture is built on a collaboration of shared experience and trust!

We are the proud recruitment service provider for various large Groups within the Automotive Industry (i.e. Super Group, McCarthy, Barloworld, etc.) and we also specialise in the Financial, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, and FMCG Industries.

We believe that employees reflect the value of a company and it is for this reason that we nurture and promote the need for great care in the recruitment and placement process. Each of our consultants are highly knowledgeable and trained in their specific field, which enables them to make informed decisions regarding the suitability of candidates for each position based on skills, experience, qualifications, and cultural fit. We offer guidance and market-related information to facilitate the placement process to both candidates and clients.

As an experienced employment services provider, we offer permanent and contract recruitment services. In addition, SydSen Recruit successfully drives various YES Programmes for young graduates who are ambitious to enter the Corporate World.

SydSen Recruit is a proud member of the SydSen Group who also specialises in the following:

Sales Action and Call Centres, E-Learning Development, Facilitation, Digital Studio and Consulting.

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Video Interviews


Premium Package customers enjoy the benefit of video interviews on demand - straight to your inbox.

With customised questions for each position, video interviews are a great time-saver during the initial screening of CV's ensuring the right candidates are selected for face-to-face interviews.

All videos can be shared with key stakeholders, who can rank each candidate, making shortlisting easier.


Video interviews also provide a permanent record for future reference.

When time is money - video interviews save you both.

Interns - Without 
the HR Risk

SydSen successfully supplies quality interns for a range of vocations.


Our internship program is for three months and provides an ideal opportunity for companies to be exposed to great candidates, without the hassle of a lengthy internship.

Candidates remain on SydSen's payroll for the duration of the internship - removing any HR risk for your organisation.

Interns receive continuous training while placed, are subjected to a monthly performance review, and are required to present a portfolio of evidence after three months.


If you experience the scenario that some employees just don't work out, despite using experienced recruiters, it might be time to add psychometric testing to the mix.

Psychometric testing can help predict a candidate's likely behavior patterns, attitudes, mental reasoning and personality type.


When used as part of a wider recruitment process, psychometric assessments can mean the difference between finding a star employee, and someone who doesn’t fit the culture or job requirements.

SydSen's in-house team of qualified Psychometrists will customise a solution for you.


This level is considered to be BEE fully compliant. 


We adhere to the regulations and guidelines for Covid-19.

We conduct all interviews via WhatsApp Video, Skype, Zoom, or MS Teams.

For all COVID-19 related news and questions do visit the official government website


The POPI Act requires us to inform our data subjects (candidates/applicants) how we intend to use their information.

We are also required to protect the information from any threats, internal or external, deliberate, or accidental, to ensure business continuance. This policy provides a framework and measures within our company regarding the protection of individual's privacy. All employees are required to adhere to guidelines provided below in this POPI private policy. Any external service provider responsible for providing and managing information technology must adhere to the same information security principles contained in this policy to ensure security measures are in place in respect of processing of personal information.