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Automotive Vocations

The automotive industry provides incredible opportunities for a wide range of vocations. This is also true for the retail sector. Check out some of the positions typically found in a dealership below: 

From small vans to extra-heavy vehicles and everything in between, selling commercial vehicles requires a special kind of talent and skill set. Its more than just selling: CV Sales Executives assist customers with technical, legal, economic, body building and application advice - making this career a sought after and rewarding one.

CV Sales Executive

Finance & Insurance Managers are the keystone in automotive sales. Their responsibilities include: structuring and applying for car loans on behalf of customers, selling warranties, service plans and maintenance plans, selling value added products, advising customers on their financial options and ultimately signing up the customer. 

Finance & Insurance

The exciting world of car sales provides a career opportunity of note for those who are prepared to put in the hard yards, with enthusiasm and a great deal of passion. The perks are excellent such as a company car or car allowance. And the earnings are only limited by you.
Opportunities for both new and used car sales executives.

Car Sales Executive

Technicians are highly sought after experts in the motor industry. With the pace of technology increasing at breathtaking rates, the modern Technician is guaranteed to have a rewarding career and access to regular training. Technicians enjoy the same career path opportunities as anyone and can progress to the very top.


Service Advisers work with customers to determine problems with a vehicle and provide technicians with accurate repair descriptions. Additionally, service advisers are responsible for greeting customers, listening to requests, scheduling appointments, and estimating costs. A great position for those looking to progress into service management.

Service Adviser

Whether serving the workshop counter, retail counter or visiting large customers, the opportunities for a parts sales executive include highly competitive salaries & perks and a rewarding career path. Regular training and hard work will see you advance your career through the ranks to Parts Manager and more.

Parts Sales Executive

A fantastic opportunity to enter the automotive industry, the costing clerk plays a vital role in ensuring profitability for an after-sales department. Costing clerks work closely with Service Advisers and Warranty Clerks and often results in a multi-role experience set that is invaluable to the After-Sales Department.

Costing Clerk

Administrative functions include: Credit & Debtors clerk, Booking-in Clerk, Vehicle Stock Controller, Bookkeeper,  Training Administrator, Personal Assistant, Sales Administrator, Warranty Clerk, Vehicle Registration and many more. These positions are the engine room of the dealership and provide all-round exposure for career advancement.


From branding, merchandising, point of sale material, promotional activity to social & digital media, print ads, radio and even televisions campaigns. Never before has the world of automotive marketing been more exciting - and more important. Get your creative juices flowing with the world of automotive marketing.


The New or Used Car Sales Manager is a pivotal role in any dealership. Put your leadership, managerial, strategic and customer satisfaction skills to the ultimate test with a dynamic career in Sales Management. Massive earning opportunities await those professionals who are experts in the above.

Sales Management

An automotive workshop requires a technically, management and customer orientated individual to run it. That makes it one of the key positions within the dealership. Managing large teams of cross-functional staff members combined with the demands of a fast moving 'production' line give Workshop Managers unprecedented experience.

Workshop Manager

Put your business, inventory and customer satisfaction skills to the test in the high paced world of the parts department. High rewards are on offer for skilled operators who are up to the challenge. As an important profit generator, the parts department is a great proving ground for those who wish to advance their careers.

Parts Manager

Usually 2IC to the Dealer Principal, the Financial Manager function is beyond merely accounting. Responsible for forecasting, budget setting, financial ratio trending & analysis and the overall financial well being of the dealership - this job requires an experienced and well qualified professional. 

Financial Manager

The Dealer Principal position requires a high level of expertise in finance, marketing, sales and operations. Managing a dealership with all its various departments demands an exceptional individual who can operate multiple disciplines congruently - with strategic ability and discipline.

Dealer Principal

This Senior Executive role is the pinnacle of the automotive retail industry. Your successful operation of large dealerships, combined with above average leadership skills will be required to succeed in this demanding position.

Franchise Director